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Under the Red Umbrella, ongoing


Through interviews with US-based sex workers, activists, and historians, Under the Red Umbrella explores how the sex worker rights movement persists despite stigma and criminalization that endanger all erotic laborers, especially those already battling systemic racism, transphobia, and poverty.


50 Firsts, 2023

Co-Creator with Dahlia

50 Firsts is an oral history project that asks 50 people the question, 'What was your first experience with pornography?"


Homage to Carol Leigh--The Scarlot Harlot, 2023


The Carol Leigh Memorial Collective brings you this labor of love, a collection of community remembrances of the fabulous Carol Leigh’s international legacy as an activist, artist, filmmaker, educator, mentor and friend.


Red Maps, 2022

Teams in Chicago & San Francisco mapped out places where sex workers have long existed, exploring communities & networks informed by erotic laborers. While our communities are often displaced, our history cannot be erased. Old strolls, cribs, clinics, places of community, and more are highlighted & supplemented by additional archival materials & present day recollections. Red Maps can be enjoyed virtually and in-person. We hope these resources will pass down the knowledge from sex worker communities of old and encourage people to find out more about relevant spots in their own neighborhoods. Website

Remembering Margo St. James,

Producer and Editor

Margo St. James, who founded the prostitutes’ rights organization COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) and later, the St. James Infirmary, left her body on January 11, 2021. We are a group of Margo’s friends, colleagues and a collective of supporters gathering to celebrate the one and only Margo St. James.



Bambi & Dahlia's Big Movie Idea Part 1, 2019

Co-Director, Co-Producer, DP, Editor

with Dahlia

Bad mommies

A Gimp

A Bathroom.

Transfinite, 2019

Assistant Producer, Assistant Director

TRANSFINITE is a sci-fi omnibus feature film composed of seven standalone magical realistic short stories where supernatural trans and queer people from various cultures use their powers to protect, love, teach, fight and thrive.


Wheel of Fortune, 2018

Director, Producer, Editor

Five strangers are bound by flesh and metal. Only their release can set them free.

Lost to the Max, 2017


NRVS LVRS Music Video

Born To Love You, 2017

Co-Director with Antone

In the music video for L|M|T's Born to Love You , directors antone + bambi explore themes of conflict, connection, and memory through modern dance choreographed by Shaunna Vella. When opposites attract, the results can be explosive.

LMT Music Video

Latex Dreams, 2016

Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor

with Antone

what are your dreams

what are your nightmares

Breaking Yolk, 2016

Co-Director, Director of Photography, Assistant Editor, with Antone

a film on heartbreak and hatch

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